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House of Trends has a 23-year experience of selling clothes

House of Trends is a wholesaling company of clothes and accessories in the Baltic States. “Everything from one house” is our motto, which we tell our partners to save up time. From us, a retail dealer finds the necessary clothes and accessories with little to none effort.

Through the 23 year span, we have been the resellers for many well-known brands. Along with the changes in marketing, we are also developing in time. The collections which we offer today can be viewed from right here.

Alo Lilleberg, Chairman of the board

Our advantages

Brands and collections management, Supporting marketing acts, The sales analysis of products and Fashion as an entertainment

Brands and collections management

Good customer relationship is the foundation for our partnership

Our broad product line divides between three brand leaders. Every brand leader takes care of developing and actively selling their own product line.

When forming the product line, we consider brands leader personality. We reach to the best results, when doing our job with passion and enthusiasm.

Supporting marketing acts

Raise the popularity of brands for the final customer

We offer help for the traders with marketing acts based on the collections and resellers. Helping with displaying products in stores and producing the materials for advertisements is a part of our brand leaders everyday job.

In collaboration with brands, we organize presentations and fashion shows for the products.

The sales analysis of products

We analyze the sales in stores on an ongoing basis.

We think, that it is important to have a full review of our resellers sales performances. Todays’ knowledge help us make better decisions for the future. It is important to know our the results of our work.

Fashion as an entertainment

We offer emotion and eye candy when presenting new collections.

“House full of fashion” gives the opportunity to constantly be innovative and bring out today’s trends and improvements. In partnership with the brands presented we organize fashion shows and presentations in off-hour atmosphere. You could say that we are a part of today’s show business world.

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